Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I'm Back!

   It's been a while, but life has settled down and I'm excited about jumping back into the world of crafts!  Close to My Heart has an amazing deal for former consultants this month and I've decided to become a consultant again.  I've been hard at work pinning lots of great ideas to share with you and some workshop ideas too.  Over the past few years I've expanded my crafting to include more than just papercrafts.  I've learned to sew (a little), make t-shirts (still learning), make wreaths, and much more.  Bare with me as I update the blog and make changes to showcase a much broader range of crafting.  I will be changing the title of the blog and web address first.  I'm open to suggestions for this!

    I look forward to sharing my crafty creations and writing about my experiences as I jump back into the world of Close to My Heart.  It's so good to be back!

                                                                                   Audrey Mc