Friday, November 4, 2011

Just me...

This has been one busy year!  We moved in January, which we are still unpacking and arranging from, school let out in May and then I began homeschooling in August.  I have my scrapbooking business, my hubby has a construction company for which I also work part-time, he pastors a church that requires much of our time and we have many friends that we enjoy spending time with.  I feel like I am always trying to please everyone else and never really do things for myself. 

My weight has really been a big concern this year but with little energy left at the end of the day, it was hard to get to the gym every evening.  I've drank Pepsi for so many years now that cutting that out of my diet was next to impossible.  I've counted points, calories, etc so many times but the 3 point sodas and 150 calorie sodas really cut into what I could eat each day, leaving me starving. 

I've spent the last month or so reading on Facebook about several friends and their successes with a product called Plexus Slim.  They've lost lots of weight and feel much healthier so I did a little reading on it and decided to try it out.  I've never taken any weight loss suppliment so I was very lery about it.  I started drinking my "pink drink" on Saturday and taking the Accelerator on Sunday.  The pink drink is full of fiber and all kinds of other stuff to keep me from snacking all day.  The Accelerator is full of caffeine and other stuff to give me a little extra energy to workout.  It is all working great and has even allowed me to stop drinking Pepsi's without the headache.  Today is my 6th day without one!!! 

I've also started getting up early each morning and going to the gym while I still have lots of energy.  This also gives me a little time before the kids get up so that I can have quiet time, make coffee for Gabe and visit a little before he goes to work.  It's much better than the boys waking me up and then trying to get dressed while they are getting dressed.  So far I've lost just a few pounds but I have energy to keep my house much cleaner, which is a big help!  In just these 6 days, I've cut out a total of about 5400 calories in sodas.  I was drinking 3-6 sodas each day and those are horrible for anyone trying to lose weight. 

I am hoping to drop about 3 pant sizes by Christmas.  Based on the results of my friends, I should be to that in about 6 weeks.  This is so exciting to me!!!  I want to be small again.  I want to be able to dress in all the cute clothes I see on Pinterest too.  Most important, I want to be in better health, have more energy and feel better so that I can do more with my family.  This is the only body that I will ever have.  This is the only chance that I get to spend time with my kids while they are little.  I'm the only Mommy that they will ever have.  I've got to take better care of me so that I can take better care of my family.  It may not be easy but it is something that I have to do.  I can do this!