Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stamp Catagories and Colors

I'm sure you've noticed the different colored inserts in your stamp sets.  The newer stamps actually label what catagory they belong to but the older ones do not.  I have my stamps grouped by colors and have a running list in my head that makes sense to only me (don't ask, I promise, you DON'T wanna know).  I recently came across a post on the CTMH consultant boards that lists what each color means.

Indian Corn Blue-  Alphabets and Numbers
Blush- Sentiments
Lilac Mist- Frames/Tags/Borders/Backgrounds
Buttercup- Spring
Sunflower- Summer
Olive- Autumn
Desert Sand- Winter
Amethyst- Celebration
Crystal Blue- Everyday Life
Topiary- Animals/Outdoors