Thursday, April 14, 2011

Go Green!!!!

   Green is the new black!  I found a great article in the November/December 2008 Keynotes (a magazine for CTMH consultants) that gave 10 ways to GO GREEN with scrapbooking.  I am paraphrasing the article to fit the needs of scrapbookers rather than CTMH consultants and as a result, have removed a few. 

1.  Donate empty Ribbon Rounds spools to local preschools or elementary schools- they can use them to make Christmas ornaments, school bus wheels or any number of fun projects.

2.  Keep a recycling bin next to your scrapbooking station for unusable scraps.  Bring your recycling bin with you to workshops and crops. 

3.  Use small scraps of colonial White and White Daisy paper to pre-stamp and color embellishments when you have time. 

4.  Reuse your Ribbon Rounds tubes.  Fill them with treats or accessories and use them as gifts.

5.  Trade your unwanted supplies with other scrapbookers.

6.  Share extra ribbons and accessories with friends at a crop.

7.  Purchase 2 canvas bags to give to your consultant to deliver your orders in.  When she delivers an order, you give her an empty bag to fill with your next order.

8.  Use extra papers from a kit to make layout kits to sell or trade with other scrapbookers.