Friday, April 29, 2011

Frustrating week

Ugghhhhh!!!!  This week has been soooooo frustrating.  It started off GREAT!  Saturday evening Gabe and I went out with some friends for the first time in YEARS!  Now, we had been out on dates just the two of us, just not with a group of friends like that.  Sunday was Easter.  Service went GREAT and we had a GREAT time at my grandparents.  Monday, it all started going downhill.

   I woke up and had NO energy so I knew the kids wouldn't either.  I decided to let Elijah stay home because he was still hoarse from allergies and his throat was a bit sore.  Tuesday he was complaining of the same thing so I told him he would have to go to the doctor if he stayed home again.  He agreed so I knew something was up.  We went to the doc and found out both boys have MONO.  They're just kids, how in the world did they get mono?  Isn't that for teens?  Well, needless to say, they both feel bad and will for about a week.  They will be contagious for 6 MONTHS!  You can't catch it from just being around them but if you drink after them or they spit on you (these are my boys we're talking about), you could get mono.  The good thing is that once you have it, you rarely get it again.  Supposedly it zaps your energy too but I haven't personally witnessed this symptom at all.

   These boys have been sooooooo hyper all week but they've also been soooooooooo whiny too.  Elijah is tired of staying home from school, Levi doesn't like sharing his mommy time or the toys in the room.  Their schedules are way off and I'm about to go crazy.  Elijah is good to go back to school on Monday.  I already have his lunch packed (not really).  :-) 

   On a positive note, I have gotten quite a bit accomplished this week.  I've found a much better location for Crop Camp and gotten it reserved.  I've updated the Crop Camp blog and started working on my May newsletter.  My calendar for May and June is printed and my website is up to date.  By the time this posts, I should have the newsletter finished, Crop Camp packets finished and ready for the St. Jude Crop on Saturday and have my stuff packed for Saturday.  I had talked myself out of going Saturday because I just needed a weekend at home (we've had soccer each weekend since February), I ended up with a week at home and I am soooooo looking forward to scrapbooking on Saturday.  See you all then!!!!