Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fun with Fun Flock!

I have been playing with the idea of trying out fun flock for a few weeks now.  I borrowed some tan flock from a friend but haven't used it yet.  I've thought about purchasing the white that we have in our Idea Book but again, I have not.  I just couldn't think up what I would flock with the white and I haven't gotten around to scrapbooking anything with teddy bears to use the tan.  I've had a bit of scrappers block lately so I set out on a journey to bloghop through some new blogs and then checked out my old favorites.  Right there on Jeanette Lynton's blog (she's the founder of CTMH), I found FUN FLOCK!  Take a look at the beautiful way she uses it and the instructions that she provides for ALWAYS using white!  I love that I can finally try out this technique and not feel the need to purchase a million colors of Fun Flock.  I already have lots of reinkers, can order white flock and be all set to flock anything I want. 

Check out the technique!