Thursday, March 17, 2011

DIY Network- Organizing photos

This is the last of the articles that I felt actually contained good advice and were easy to read and act upon.  This one was found on the DIY Network website on the same day as the others.  The print out doesn't contain the web address for a direct link.  These tips were taken from an episode of DIY CRAFTS, DIC-107.

"If you're like most people, you have boxes of photos that you keep telling yourself you're going to organize.  Consumer reporter Joe Zanger offers a variety of sugestions to help you organize photographs for more enjoyment.

The average person develops one roll of 24 pictures a month, and of those 24, only 7 are keepers.  So the first thing you'll need for organizing your photos is a big trash can.

Rather than store photos in a shoebox where they may get creased or torn, place the photos from a single year in an 8 1/2x11 manilla envelope, write the year on the envelope and place the envelopes in a corrugated-cardboard storage box.  You can keep 10-12 years' worth of photos in one storage box.

Use collage photo frames to display selected photos from the entire year.  Choosing the photoa can be a family project that brings back memories of events from the year. 

Have enlargements made of vary special photos to display around the house.

Look for photo albums that have acid-free pages; the acids in ordinary paper can cause photographs to deteriorate.

Memory books and scrapbooks are the latest creative way to display photos.  Craft stores have an abundance of scrapbook supplies, including stencils, decorative scissors, background papers, rubber stamps and permanent markers.  Be sure that all products are acid-free.

Put your negatives in a safe-deposit box at a bank to safeguard them from fire or theft."