Monday, August 16, 2010

Is this considered "Creative Clutter"?

   After doing a few projects and then moving some shelves, this is what my building looked like.  I can't work in the mess so more mess gets added on top each time I drag supplies to my kitchen table and back.  I've been dreading coming in here since last weekend because I knew how bad it was.  Well, I'm now down to a few deadlines and have to have my space so I'm diving in head first and am determined to clean it today.  I've already gotten Elijah started on his toys and he has made a huge dent.  I've made a tad bit of progress so far too but I post pictures of a clean room later.  I've been in this room for a year next month and still can't see to get it the way I like it.  It seems that more and more keeps finding it's way into my space (even though it isn't scrapbook stuff) and less keeps finding it's way out.  I am trying to find a way to stream-line it a bit but no such luck yet.  Anyways, check out my mess and you won't feel so bad about your own, I promise!