Monday, June 7, 2010

Cardstock Lesson 101

   I learned a HUGE lesson today about cardstocks.  I've used Close to My Heart cardstocks for nearly 4 years now with the occasional Bazzill or BoBunny DoubleDot thrown in.  I needed LOTS of black cardstock for a craft project at VBS this week and bought....big cardstock from a local craft store.  It was a nightmare!  Not only wasn't it as thick as I like, it shreads when trying to remove it from the Cricut mat.  I had to cut 60 pages to make a frame for 30 stained glass type pictures and spent forever on it because I had to be soooo careful removing the cardstock frames from the mats.  I finally figured out that I could turn the mat over and remove the mat from the paper rather than the paper from the mat.  It helped but the brand new mats that I purchased today are ruined.  I definately learned my lesson the hard way.  I knew our cardstock was amazing but it is incidents like this that make me really appreciate the great quality of all Close to My Heart products.