Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Challenge Information

Whew! I started back to school this semester and my English class is kicking my butt. Its not quite a TKO, but nearly there. Anyways, the trickle down effect is in play so now you all get to suffer along with me. LOL! Not really. I am going to change the challenges from weekly to monthly. I will post one big challenge on the first Tuesday of each month, you will have all month to complete it and upload pictures. I look forward to seeing more of your artwork as you complete the challenges as well.

I am aware that there are several challenges that I have not uploaded photos for yet. The most obvious reason for most of those is that I have not quite completed the challenge. I do have a few pictures that I will be uploading this weekend at the retreat as well. I have a wireless aircard now so hopefully I will be able to upload photos of us scrapbooking the night away too. I plan to pack tomorrow and I have no idea what I am packing yet. We are just about finished with the move but now I am down to packing up my sb building so that it can be moved next week. Urghhh! It's a lot of work but at least I will be packing alot of it up for the retreat so that helps. Can't wait for the weekend. Audrey