Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why I love Close to My Heart

When ladies start scrapbooking or making cards, we all seem to want everything to be as inexpensive as possible. We shop all the craft stores looking for clearance items and sales. We spend so much time trying to save money that we actually spend more. Yes, you read that correctly. We spend more or we purchase things that may never get used just because it's a good deal.

Cute little 3d flowers may be on sale for $3 but you only get 6. If you put all 6 on a layout along with a few other embellishments you end up spending quite a bit on that layout. This is one of the reasons that I love Close to My Heart. By using stamps, I can save so much money in the long run. My initial investment is a bit higher but I will never run out of stamped images. If I decide that I need more than 6 flowers (come on, you know it happens) then I just stamp a few more.

You say our stamps and inks are expensive? Will the local craft store give you stamps and ink for free? CTMH will. Host a party or join in my hostess club and you can earn your stamps, inks and even paper packs for FREE. That's definitely the less expensive way to go.

Many look at our paper packs and think that they are expensive too. My answer is this: there are 10 sheets of cardstock and 12 sheets of B&T paper in each pack, and they all coordinate. At the local craft store you will pay at least $.50 for a sheet of paper and you have to coordinate it all yourself. Many times it is impossible to find cardstock that matches your pattern papers completely because they are all made by different manufacturers.

Extra embellishments seem easy enough to purchase at the craft stores and can sometimes be a great deal. However, with CTMH these things match our inks and papers completely and make adding bling so much easier. They come sold in coordinating sets of several different things to make jazzing up your work much more fun.

Now to completing your layouts. The craft store sells magazines and books with lots of pictures and even some instructions for techniques. They even carry our how to books. Our books are priced much higher at these stores than if you ordered directly from me. Our books have step by step instructions for putting together a layout that the other books just don't have. Our books have measurements and even cutting diagrams so that you can get the most from your paper and supplies. By using our books you can create many things from one paper pack and still have scraps left to make more.

Close to My Heart's mission statement is: Faster. Simpler. Easier. These words say so much and yet there is so much more that they could say. CTMH just makes much more sense than spending all that time putting things together at the craft store. This work has already been done for you. With CTMH there is little that I toss in the garbage because nearly all of my papers get used, my embellishments never go out of style, my stamps are never used up. Close to my Heart is just better. Our mission statement should read: Faster. Simpler. Easier. Better.