Friday, July 24, 2009


I FOUND MY COLUZZLES!!!!!!!! I have been out in my building working this evening. I came across an Iris case with several old page kits and my complete Coluzzle set. I have been calling around and asking everyone if they have seen it or may have borrowed it. I had even decided that I needed to begin purchasing another cutting set similar to Coluzzles (I hate to see them go) because I loved my Coluzzles so much.

I learned to use these the day that I first walked into a LSS. Nancy at Scrapbook Mania showed me how to use Coluzzles and how to make a landscape photo look like a window and stretch it. I was just beginning to scrapbook and had already learned 2 techniques. I felt like a million bucks. I worked on pictures from our California trip that day and then showed them to my dad that weekend at the deer camp.

That weekend was the last time that I really got to visit with my dad. I had such a great time camping with him and Gabe that weekend. I saw him a few more times after that. The last time I saw him was Christmas of that year. I miss him so much. Just last week I put on Ernest Scared Stupid for Marianne and Elijah and couldn't help but laugh at memories of watching that with my Dad. He actually looked a bit like Ernest, and could make many of Ernest' faces. I also think that Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs looks a lot like my dad, so each time we watch that I am reminded of him too. It has been 6 years now and it has finally gotten easier to deal with. I can think about memories without crying. I can laugh when Elijah does something that my dad would have done. I can laugh and tell Gabe that my dad would have enjoyed certain movies, songs, etc. I know he would have LOVED the song Shiftwork, which happens to be Elijah's favorite song in the world.

I love ya Daddy! We all miss you alot!