Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Completely Organized Building!!!!

My building was a Christmas gift to me from Gabe. He spent evenings working on it for a week or two. He finished all of the painting on the day I went into labor. He had gone to Walmart and purchased me the drawer unit that you see in the picture. When the neighbor's daughter came over, I got her to help me pack my things and move them into the building. Gabe cooked dinner and we went in to eat around 6. At 6:19 I realized that I might possibly be in labor. Sure enough, I had Levi that night at 11:54.

In my building there is a small table that I move around for Elijah. It is hidden in one of the pictures. It allows him a place to sit, turn into a tent or whatever. All of my paints, embellishments, paper kits, etc are neatly stored so that I can easily find them. At this time I know where everything is EXCEPT my stamp cleaning pad and spray. I even located my long lost Coluzzle set tonight but still can't find the cleaning pad. I seriously don't know where I put it.

The wire rack hanging with my trimmers in it came in a set of 6 wire storage things. It was only about $12 and had 3 shelves of different sizes, 2 hanging under shelf baskets and this wine goblet rack. The paper kits are standing in wire racks intended to hold sheet pans in your kitchen cabinet. I used three of them for my paper kits. They were only about $5 each. There is a tall drawer unit that Gabe bought for me the day that the building was ready. He came in from Walmart with it and told me that I could start moving. I guess that drawer unit is responsible for me going into labor.

When I was cleaning out a few weeks ago, I went through all of my papers. I pulled out any that I didn't want anymore. I never went through this pile again. My keep pile sat out for a few days so when my neighbor's daughter came over to visit, I sent her home with about 30 sheets or more from my keep pile. I figured if I could part with them to give to her then I must not need to keep them. I then purchased several boxes of 2 1/2 gallon zippy bags to hold page kits. I went through my papers and sorted them into themes. I added about 40 more sheets into the garage sale pile. I then went through all of my diecuts, stickers, rubons and things like that. I divided them into the kits with my papers. I now have many kits that contain everything except cardstock. They are very easy to thumb through when I am looking for something. They stay standing when I remove one kit. They are easy to add to when I purchase something else that goes with that theme. Only the CTMH kits are packaged by manufacturer and product line.

My building has been a great blessing to me. I enjoy the quiet time that I get out here, although I often have to bring the boys. I get a good bit done out here and I can stop in the middle of something and leave it all out without having to worry about someone moving it. I keep the door locked so that no one messes with my things. I have a window air unit that keeps the building plenty cool enough and during the winter I use two small portable space heaters, which keeps it plenty warm enough. I have measured the windows for shades and curtains but still haven't purchased those yet. Now I just need Gabe to add on a bathroom and a large crop room. Maybe when we purchase our new house and move the building he will add that for me. Hmmmmmm..............