Monday, June 15, 2009

Sorry I haven't written!

Hey, Ladies! I am so sorry that I haven't written in nearly a month. This summer seems to be flying by because we have been so busy. I have been able to do a little scrapbooking though. I did the Bella workshop layout for Easter pictures from 2008 and then I did the Tickled Pink set that I will be using for Easter 2009. Guess what? With those done, my Easter pics are all up to date. That makes Easter and Halloween (great combo, right?) that are all completely up to date. Go me!!!

My daily photos are coming along great, I just need a few hours uninterupted to actually get them onto the layout. Uninterupted time doesn't come easily at my house lately though. I currently sit at 11:18, holding Levi because he won't go to sleep and listening to Elijah tell me about how silly he is being. Neither of the boys seems to be sleepy. By the time they get to bed, I get my crops harvested on Farm Town :) and then pick up the house a bit I am so tired that all I want to do is jump in the bed. Most of the scrapbooking I have done was with Levi playing under my feet and Elijah playing on the computer.

I do have a few goals for the next few weeks that I would like to share with you. I would also like to encourage you to make a few scrapbook goals yourself and see just what you can cross off of your list. As I share my goals, I will also share an easy way for you to get started on the same goal. Join us on Tuesday afternoons for a little scrapbook time. We meet at 3 at the church.

1. Get all photos printed and labeled with the date.
Load all of your photos on your computer and zap them to Shutterfly,
Snapfish or even Walmart. When they come in, check the properties of
each one and label the pics with the date and time. This helps to keep
your photos of the day in order. By labeling them with the date, you will
easily be able to file them and remember when the event took place
and scrapbook it at a later date.
2. Get all of Elijah's artwork into the album.
I keep all of his school projects that come home in an album for him. I just
bear to toss them out because they show how much he improves and has
grown up. I have everything up until February in the album but just need to
add the rest. If you wish to start this, I recommend a 12x12 album with lots of
sheet protectors so that you can just add the artwork as it comes home or as it
comes off of the refrigerator. After you have many months combined, you'll
be able to see how your child (especially a preschooler) is growing based on the
things he/she draws and how they are drawn.
3. Complete scrapbook pages for all fishing trips.
This ones easy! I have the left overs from the U Bug Me album that I did a
month or so ago and I am using them with Desert Sand cardstock as my
background. I am not using any specific pattern or even matting the photos.
The goal is for them to all be done, not for them to all be published.
4. Scrapbook Elijah's 2nd birthday, the dinosaur one.
All the supplies have been collected for long enough. It's time to sit down,
decide on no more than about 20 photos and do a few layouts. Definately going
to use Cherish for this one.
5. Scrapbook Elijah's 3rd birthday, the playdoh one.
I am going to try a little something different with this one. It was a simple
birthday so I want to do a few simple pages. First, I have to narrow down my
photos. Then I am going to use the Reflections 6x6 cutting diagrams and make
2 sets of 10 6x6 pages (the pattern makes 10 pages). I am going to put my
pictures on the 6x6 page and then post 4 on each 12x12 sheet. This will give
me 5 one page layouts, one for the first page of my album and then 2 full

Okay, I have shared some of my goals for the next month or so and I want to hear yours. Sharing goals with friends keeps you accountable to them and helps to encourage you to actually complete your goals. Have a great summer, I hope that you are able to meet all of the great goals that you have set for yourself this summer, whether to lose a few pounds or complete a few albums.