Thursday, December 11, 2008

Random thoughts on the New Year!!!

Okay, I have the new Close to My Heart Idea Books in and I can't stop flipping through it. I can't wait to give these out to my customers and I can't wait for my new products to come in on MONDAY!!! I ordered way too much from this one but it is just such a great Idea Book. There are so many new embellishments and I love each of the 5 new paper packs.

I was looking on the Consultant Bullitin Board a few minutes ago and saw that someone set a goal for how many layouts she would do in 2008. Her goal was 300 and she completed 98. Did she fail at meeting her goal? Not in my eyes. She completed more layouts this year than I did and I had no goal. So what does this tell me? Well, I need a goal. I have David's album that needs to be finished, Elijah's albums that need to be caught up and Levi's album that needs to be started. I don't think that I will make a goal for the number of layouts I complete but the number of albums that I complete. Here's my list:

January: Complete David's album, complete Elijah's first 1/2 of 1st year album, start and keep Levi's album up to date.
February: Complete Elijah's second half of 1st year album and keep Levi's album up to date.
March: Complete at least 10 layouts in Elijah's 2nd year album and keep Levi's up to date.

I think that I will stop there for now and reevaluate things once I get to the end of March. This is a great starting point. It shouldn't take too long to complete David's album but as most of you know, it is a hard one to work on. My new room will be complete this month so come January I should be very inspired to scrapbook. I am almost done with Elijah's first 1/2 of his 1st year album. I took tons of pics and I tend to scrapbook everything. I have decided to begin using the Photo storage pages and doing a 4x6 card to include on each one. That will give me 8-9 pics on each layout. I won't do this for every layout but it will be nice to be able to quickly get some pics scrapbooked. Afterall, they aren't doing any good stuck in the box even if they are labeled.

I want to encourage each of you to set a goal for yourself this next year as well. Let me know your goal and keep me posted on your progress. Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!!! Audrey